Republicans Are Not The Party of Freedom. They Are The Party of Control

In response to the recent decision by the South Carolina Supreme Court to uphold a six-week abortion ban we urge you to give to the Palmetto State Abortion Fund, an organization dedicated to ensuring that financial barriers do not impede access to essential reproductive healthcare services. Your contributions will directly aid those affected by this ban, reaffirming their freedom over their bodies and lives.

We also urge you to join DSA! If you are mad as hell. If you refuse to accept the erosion of our rights. If you are worried, or scared, or unsure of the future, then now is the time to come together. Only together can we resist the march of tyranny. Together we are strong enough to demand change. Together are strong enough to support those in need, and work tirelessly until reproductive rights are once again secure for all. Join DSA today!

Despite decades of howling about freedom, the recent ruling to uphold the inhumane and draconian six-week abortion ban reinforces their true intentions; they want to control women. Even the women of the Republican party know it. That’s why they joined with Democrats earlier this year to oppose a bill that would ban abortion from conception.

But the GOP has been increasingly bold, and kept marching. Their talk about freedom rings even more hollow. The abortions bans are just one part. Book bans, restrictions on protests, restrictions on what to teach. They won’t even legalize cannabis. So how can they claim to be the party of freedom?

Well, it’s a snakelike rhetorical trick to call for freedom but never democracy. Republicans will say you have the freedom to leave if you don’t like it, but will never mention the democracy to change it. A recent poll by Winthrop University showed that just 37% of South Carolinians support a ban on abortions after six weeks. If they truly valued freedom, they would never do something so unpopular. If they actually supported life, as they claim, they would support adoption, social services, free contraception, and comprehensive sex education. But that is completely absent from their legislation and rhetoric.

In truth, Republicans are only against governmental tyranny but in favor of private tyranny. That is, the tyranny of the wealthy elite. They’re against a single dictator, but in favor of many little dictators. A dictatorship of the bosses. A dictatorship of the husbands. They use their wealth and privilege to impose their wants and desires on working class people. The wealthy elites already control you at work, and they want to go back to a time where they can control you at home.

We say no! We want an end to this oppression! Join DSA today!