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DSA Columbia’s Statement in Support of SC Starbucks Workers

Columbia DSA stands in solidarity with the workers of the Millwood, SC and Sumter, SC Starbucks in their bid to unionize under Workers United. We believe not only in the right of working people to unionize, but that it is imperative to achieving better working conditions and a living wage. We also know that Starbucks […]

Columbia DSA Endorses the Capital for Cooperatives Act

With the impending mass of retiring business owners and the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to threaten small businesses, co-operatives must play a key role in the recovery of our economy. We believe that one non-partisan solution, the Capital for Cooperatives Act, is important to the health of our economy, because cooperatives have shown they are more […]

Community Coalition Day of Action

(Above: A group of activists, and community leaders give rousing speeches in front of the Giti tire sign.) Introduction: After passing a resolution in support of Giti Tire workers at the November Regular Meeting, Columbia DSA members carpooled to Richburg, SC on November 23rd, 2021 to march in solidarity with other activists & community leaders, […]