Condemnation of the Israeli attack on Gaza and Solidarity with Palestine

Columbia DSA expresses unequivocal and unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for national liberation. For decades, Palestinians have endured settler colonial violence and apartheid at the hands of the Israeli government. Confined in the world’s largest open-air prison, where 97% of fresh water has been deemed undrinkable.


We now look on in horror as Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, shares videos and images of entire neighborhoods destroyed in Gaza. The Zionists are telling the people of Gaza to leave before they continue their assault but at the same time are denying them freedom of movement. This is nothing less than genocide.


As staunch supporters of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) movement, we oppose the US sending any funds to Israel. Any material support given to the state of Israel is condoning their occupation. We call on all congressional DSA electeds to vote against any funding for Israel that is likely to be brought up for a vote in the coming days.


We support the Palestinians’ right to defend themselves and reject the Zionist narrative that labels any resistance as terrorism because resistance against an occupying force is justified. The blame for any death lies solely on the occupiers. We agree with calls for an immediate ceasefire but calls for a ceasefire that do not address the root cause of the violence, the occupation, ring hollow in the long run. To truly end the violence, the occupation must come to an end. We echo the demands of the liberation movement that all of Palestine must be decolonized, not just Gaza and the West Bank.


We ask anyone who supports Palestinian liberation to join us for our weekly CEASEFIRE NOW! protests at the South Carolina Statehouse on Saturday’s from 2-4pm! 


Additionally, if you are able to, please donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians, Hebron International Resource Network, and the Pious Projects.


Free Free Palestine!

Long Live Palestine!